Transforming clinical correspondence performance at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

Transforming clinical correspondence performance at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

The challenge

Faced with a significant typing backlog of medical documentation, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust partnered with Epro to reduce the clinical risks associated with missing information, lessen inefficiencies and high costs, and speed up correspondence to GPs and patients.

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The solution

Epro’s clinical correspondence solution was deployed to all specialities within six months, providing:

  • A full end-to-end clinical letter workflow
  • Automatic link of dictation and letter to the patient record
  • Electronic approval and distribution of document store and import service.
Annual savings
  • £1.1m of secretaries’ and clinicians’ time
  • £11K on administrative costs
  • £4.3K spend on printing
  • 96% reduction in letter transcription backlog 100% compliance with 7 day letter delivery CQUIN.
Benefits achieved

The trust reported improved patient experience (due to speedier communication), decreased stress among staff, faster clinical access to patient letters, reduced clinical errors and compliance with audit and access requirements.

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It is making my staff very happy. And the most important thing is, it makes patients very happy because they are receiving their communication from us in a speedier fashion.

Jenny Pickhaver Physiotherapist, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.
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It is a lot less time consuming, it is easier to get the patient details, if the patient rings, asking for information, it is really simple to get their last clinic letter. It has made things a lot more efficient.

Sian Lewellyn Medical Secretary, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.
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In the end, it saves money, but, more important, improves patient care and confidence.

Dr Chris Swinburn Clinical Lead, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.

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