Our Team

Jonathan Elliott

Managing Director

Jonathan oversees the day to day business operations at Epro. In this role Jonathan is responsible for ensuring that the teams at Epro work together to deliver for our customers every day and that our software development activity meets the dynamic needs of our Healthcare clients. Jonathan is focussed on identifying opportunities to develop the Epro business and building strong partner relationships to support our growth ambitions.

Prior to joining Epro, Jonathan spent over 20 years at Xerox where his most recent role was as the Director & General Manager for Public Sector in the UK. In addition, Jonathan recently spent a couple of year at IMMJ Systems where he led the creation of a new subsidiary business as well as supporting the International development of the core business.

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Dr Adam Towler

Executive Product Owner

Adam formed Epro after experiencing first hand, the severe lack of flexible, intuitive, clinical software for managing patients and medicine and recording information during their stay in hospital. He provides Epro with a unique understanding of clinician audiences and technical limitations.

Marc Woby

Head of Professional Services

Marc is Head of Professional Services & Strategy, overseeing the implementation of software and various supporting activities to both existing and new customers.  He is also responsible for the delivery of internal strategic initiatives, and the ongoing development of the company strategy.

Prior to joining Epro, Marc spent 11-years at Lloyd’s Register where his most recent role was Senior Project Manager within the Change Delivery function.

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Dan Edom-Hodge

Support Manager

Dan started his career in Environmental Science, and took with him a love of data and insight into team dynamics that have taken him to the Kerry Group for over a decade and Renishaw as Analyst Programmer. As our Support Manager, Dan joined to manage and empower the Support team, responsible for the smooth everyday running of our Support offering. From prioritising actions to allocating resources, everything for Dan starts with the question, “How can we meet our customer’s needs?”

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Sharon Allsop

Business Operations and Quality Manager

Sharon has worked at Epro as our Office Manager since 2019 and in November 2023 was promoted to our Business Operations and Quality Manager. Sharons role involves her being the ‘glue’ of the company and has a variety of responsibilities extending across various facets of the company. She handles all of our HR and finance tasks, and in her new role she is responsible for overseeing ISO 9001 audits to ensure ongoing compliance for our recently achieved accreditation.

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John Wood

Project Manager

John is a Project Manager within our Professional Services team. In this role, John is responsible for ensuring that our client projects are managed in line with both Client and Epro requirements.

John joined Epro early in 2023 and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team, having worked within healthcare and the NHS over the past 30 years. This includes positions across various NHS Trusts, delivering Digital Transformation projects.

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Chris Lavender

Product Owner

Chris joined Epro in 2022, starting his journey in Technical Project Management and moving into the Product Team as Product Owner in 2023. He has 10+ years in Project Management working with the NHS as well as experience in Information Governance and maintains a keen eye for detail.

Chris is keen to ensure client requirements are realised in the Epro application, putting the ‘customer first’ where product decisions are made.

Chris is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations, and managing a talented team of design and product specialists here at Epro. Chris also works closely with our executive product owner, planning the strategic course for our platforms evolution.

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Stephen De Gabrielle

Product Manager

Stephen is a Product Manager and joined the Epro team in 2021. Stephen joined after a number of years of working within the NHS in roles including, managing projects, clinical systems and integrations.

Stephen’s role revolves around understanding and addressing our customers’ needs. His responsibilities include documenting Epro’s services, conducting informative demos to showcase our offerings, and actively assisting individuals in learning how to use the Epro products effectively.

Stephen finds great satisfaction in helping our clients apply our technology to its best capability ensuring return on investment and improving clinical efficiencies.

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Mat Johnson

Project Implementation Consultant

Mat is one of Epro’s Project Implementation Consultants, his role involves him providing training both internally and to our customers. Mat also provides general project management support which involves him working with numerous teams contributing to multiple aspects of Epro’s operations.

Mat is excellent at explaining intricate concepts in a clear and understandable way – effectively, translating technical terminology into customer-friendly language and supporting our users to have a clear and comprehensive understanding of our systems so they can get the best out of them.

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Grace Miles

Account Executive

Grace joined Epro in February 2023 to lead the ISO accreditation project, which we are proud to say we have now been awarded. This involved interacting closely with every single division of the business and really getting under the skin of Epro’s values, the processes and – fundamentally – what makes Epro, Epro. Grace has now moved onto an Account Executive role under our Business Unit Director, supporting our customers with the Epro Platform.

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Kat Hancock

Business Development Director

Kat is responsible for driving market visibility, growth and net new business in existing and new markets for Epro. Her primary focus is expanding Epro’s client portfolio and bringing in new opportunities. This involves showcasing the Epro platform, engaging with new customers and responding to tenders and frameworks. Kat is also involved heavily in engaging with partners, PR and marketing and the events that Epro attend and exhibit at.

After starting her career in the NHS Kat is passionate about driving clinical efficiencies and doing the right thing for the NHS.

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Enrico Buglione

Business Unit Director

Enrico’s role as the Business Unit Director at Epro means he leads the commercial element of the business and also sits on the management team. The majority his role is focused on growing Epro’s revenue within our client base, whilst ensuring our existing customers get the most out of our products and services. Enrico loves nothing more than spending time with our clients understanding the issues and challenges they face, with the aim to help resolve them with innovative solutions.

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Chandu Wickramarachchi

Chief Clinical Information Officer

Chandu is Epro’s Chief Clinical Information Officer (CCIO). In his role, Chandu is responsible for ensuring the platform’s continuous development aligns with the evolving needs of clinicians whilst also adhering to standards and best practices across the healthcare sector. As CCIO, Chandu works closely with our Executive Product Owner – also a clinician – and advises the wider company’s management team on relevant clinical processes, the product team on development strategies, and the sales team on packaging capabilities for new business within the NHS landscape.

In addition, Chandu’s responsibilities include serving as a subject matter expert on the Epro technology platform for our customers, building relationships with clients, and, crucially, identifying potential barriers for clinicians and working to provide solutions through Epro’s platform and services. Beyond this, he also actively contributes to clinical safety discussions, attends conferences, collaborates with others in thought leadership, and incorporates industry trends into Epro’s roadmap.

When Chandu is not working for Epro, he works at Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust in his role as an Emergency Medicine doctor.

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Andrew Brown

Operations Director

Andrew is our Operations Director, his role is all about ensuring the effective running of the business. This is a very varied role, and he works with a number of departments, including our product development teams, software developers, testers, project managers, and the people who look after our infrastructure and our support desk. There are a lot of different skill sets that keep our business ticking, and it is Andrew’s responsibility to make sure that all those teams are doing a fantastic job and delivering an excellent service to our customers.

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