Interoperable enterprise-wide document management, template and reporting platform for NHS trusts

Optimise clinical document storage and creation

Three separately available modules support the digital transformation of NHS trusts through powerful reporting, a backup document store to avoid single point of failure patterns, and a user facing template editor to allow healthcare professionals to create and configure their own local templates.

  • Efficiency

    Create your own (or modify pre-existing) reports to save staff time and resource

    Import the data into local data warehouses / reporting tools

    Customise document templates to meet the needs of clinical teams


    Safeguard patient information against unexpected downtime

    Keep access to patient information during infrastructure issues or cyber attacks

  • Core features

    Backup every document present in Epro
    Advanced reporting including SSRS reporting of live data
    Produce pre-defined graphical reports to present visual data
    Create bespoke document templates
    Interoperable with other systems

  • Document Backup

    SSRS Reporting

    Template Editor

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