Clinical modules providing greater visibility of patient status, supporting coordinated care in and outside the hospital

Efficient clinical processes

A series of clinical modules to provide greater visibility of patient statuses and support coordinated care in and outside the hospital.

To achieve clinical excellence and much-needed efficiency gains across the NHS, healthcare professionals must have the right tools and access to real time patient information to plan hospital stays, and avoid repetitive and unnecessary tasks, freeing up time for direct patient contact.

  • Efficiency

    Increase accuracy and speed of handover information at the end of a long shift

    See ward activity and patient statuses at-a-glance

    Speed up communication between care providers helping to deliver faster, more timely care


    Highlight critical patient information for clinicians to make timely, informed decisions

    Reduce errors when creating discharge summaries

  • Core features

    Set up, prioritise and alert clinicians to tasks to help coordinate care delivery
    Create and auto-update discharge summaries, linked to the admissions, Time To Referrals (TTOs) and drug allergies in the patient record
    Quick access to SNOMED structured patient allergies information
    Customise handover lists for medical and nursing staff, displaying patients by wards
    Bed management whiteboards displaying patient data such as discharge date, allergies, alerts – configurable to each ward
    Automatically notify the GP whenever their patient is admitted

  • Allergies

    Bed Management

    Discharge Summaries


    Handover Lists


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