Providing expert help, personalised training and workflow optimisation

Maximise your IT investment

Our Professional Services Team works with you to provide expert support services, from ensuring that you have the latest software releases, through proactive monitoring of the Epro solution and optimising your workflows. Our vision is to provide a proactive and personalised support experience that exceeds your expectations.

In our care

Our experts work with your staff to streamline functions as well as trouble-shoot any issues as they arise. We regularly monitor client satisfaction levels to ensure that your solutions will run efficiently, allowing clinicians to focus on improving patient outcomes.


Improve patient care, mobilise clinicians and control IT costs by integrating your current and future systems.

Epro specialises in providing integration with other systems and applications to support mobile working. We pride ourselves on delivering a complete system, facilitated by interfacing and APIs, that seamlessly operates within an NHS trust infrastructure.

We offer a full range of onsite scoping, technical specification support, development of integration mechanisms, testing and configuration services to ensure your systems seamlessly integrate to help deliver more efficient and coordinated care.


Our onsite and online pre and post implementation training courses help you get up and running with Epro as smoothly as possible.

Bespoke and packaged Epro training courses are available from our dedicated implementation team as required, or on a regular basis.

Safety is of paramount importance when implementing and using technology to complement or enhance workflows in hospitals. This is why we offer clinical safety education which covers advice on best practice, safety reviews across the Trust and its internal processes, in addition to a joint safety clinical case review.

Maintenance and Monitoring

Our systems monitor Epro performance around the clock, and our support team are always on hand to assist with technical issues.

We work hard to ensure that problems are investigated and resolved quickly, supporting the provision of high-quality patient care.

Bespoke Development

Work closely with our expert development team and access our clinical insight to create bespoke software that meet your organisation’s individual requirements.

Our strong history of developing first-class technology for the NHS, driven by clinical usability, means we are well placed to support your digital ambitions.

Data Import

Ensure all your PAS information such as demographics, episodes and clinic appointments are accurate, up-to-date and correctly populated in Epro with our data import service. Maximise the value of our PowerSearch and clinic calendar features, and provide users with the best experience possible.

As part of the standard implementation of the solution, we provide a full data import to a test server to enable an NHS trust to complete a comprehensive cycle of testing and data validation before importing to a live environment.

Data Cleansing

Safeguard data quality by syncing information from Epro to mirror your PAS and ensure users are working from a consistent source. Depending on scope and requirements, a data sync can include one or more of the following elements:

  • Patients
  • Consultants
  • GPs & Dentists
  • Practices
  • Surgeries
  • Clinics
  • Appointments
  • Episodes
  • Wards

We only extract and sync specific and relevant data from PAS, which is validated prior to starting the import.

Validation helps to prevent common encountered errors such as duplicate patients, invalid patient identifiers or missing / duplicate GPs. We will work closely with you to address any issues prior to the import and minimise risk.


Access the latest software releases through our upgrade support. Services include: hardware review, data review, data clean up, project management, test rehearsals, onsite project review (pre and post upgrade).