Third generation mobile digital dictation technology.

Revolutionise document creation

Epro Scrik uses a unique combination of structured data, dictation, templating, speech recognition and usability to revolutionise clinical correspondence and document production workflows for clinicians saving time and money.

Scrik brings together a set of first-class clinical modules that enable clinicians to access, create and store patient documentation and notes quickly, whilst ensuring information is easily searchable and presented in the most convenient way possible.

Complicated document production processes become easy to manage through intelligent software that remembers and organises information in structured formats. The impact is that documents can be created with just 3-5 clicks.

Our one-off annual subscription for Epro Scrik allows you to meet your document management targets, irrelevant of volume without incurring additional costs.

  • Efficiency

    Meet your discharge targets through faster letter production

    Make better use of staff time and skills by reducing automating repetitive tasks

    Save money on paper, printing and postage

    Improve coordination and correspondence with other care providers, such as GPs


    Make more informed medical decisions with greater access to current and historical information

    Reduce risk of clinical errors by facilitating more legible, complete and accurate information

    Increase clinical efficiency with speedy, consistent access to patient information at the point-of-care

  • Core features

    Easily record clinical information through digital dictation and speech recognition
    Mobile device compatibility
    Chronological view of patient information
    View, manage and schedule clinic appointments
    Quick access to patient allergies information
    Letter auto-complete functionality
    Full visibility of patient admissions, transfers and discharges
    Scanned document viewer and import link
    Safeguard patient information by specialty or department
    E-distribution to GPs and other care providers
    Powerful reporting functionality
    Non-patient correspondence (Personal correspondence for consultants)
    Links with the patient administration system

  • Admissions

    Basic Reporting



    Document Backup



    Speech Recognition

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