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We are one of the UK’s leading healthcare informatics providers, supporting over 45,000 NHS users from pharmacy solutions to bed management, ePMA to clinical correspondence and speech recognition.

Epro offers 30+ proven clinical software applications, scaleable interoperability services and a lo-code, open data forms environment working directly with clinician and IT staff alike in a mobile-first, cloud-first, data-driven environment.

We offer healthcare organisations a user-centred, flexible and customisable approach for meeting their electronic patient record and medical software requirements.
  • Third generation mobile digital dictation technology.
    Revolutionise clinical correspondence workflows
    Cutting-edge clinically-focused technology that saves time and money.
    Making documentation creation processes easy
    Pre-defined text and structured templating supporting quicker distribution of letters.
    Accessible clinical information
    Powerful search functionality and historical view of patient histories.
    Make better use of staff time and skills
    Remove or automate repetitive and laborious tasks.
  • Layered clinical modules to connect and display patient information that enhances workflows and increases patient safety.
    Mobilise clinicians workflow
    Access test results and record patient information in any hospital location.
    Reduce errors
    Auto-complete functionality recognises medical terminology to support recording of patient information.
    Increase patient safety
    Mitigate the risk of missing critical information.
    Enhance patient records
    Add clinical and procedure notes directly to your EPR.
  • A series of clinical modules to provide greater visibility of patient statuses and support coordinated care in and outside the hospital, including medications management.
    Reduce errors in handovers
    Highlight critical information between clinicians to improve patient safety.
    Coordinate care on wards
    Improve visibility of ward activity to support safer and more efficient management of patients.
    Improve discharge planning and transfer
    Save time and reduce errors in mismatching patients and care episodes to discharge summaries.
    Track patients through care journey
    Patient statuses and locations on e-whiteboards help to deliver timely and coordinated care.

We are flexible

A variety of ways to implement and co-develop Epro solutions

Clinical Modules

Select the Epro modules that enhance your EPR and PAS supporting your clinical and organisational requirements.
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Bespoke Solutions

Epro is fully customisable. We can design bespoke solutions that meet your specific clinical workflow challenges.
Develop your own


Be part of a development community to collaborate on software design to benefit the wider NHS.
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It is making my staff very happy. And the most important thing is, it makes patients very happy because they are receiving their communication from us in a speedier fashion.

Jenny Pickhaver Physiotherapist, Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.

Epro have been a trusted supplier of Leeds Teaching Hospitals for nearly 10 years. Leeds Teaching Hospitals represents over 6,000 users of Epro digital dictation, business resilience, correspondence workflow management, and endpoint digital correspondence delivery.

Epro exists within a small cohort of suppliers who bring clinical insight, flexibility and critical challenge where necessary.

Technological pace, business change management and a Trust led digital transformation agenda now sees me leading an Epro project to implement their new Scrik functionality and explore the implementation of front-end speech recognition, with a cloud based, consumption model speech engine, integrated seamlessly within an enhanced Epro correspondence workflow.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Epro as an innovative, trusted partner.”

Andy Webster CCIO, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

It is a lot less time consuming, it is easier to get the patient details, if the patient rings, asking for information, it is really simple to get their last clinic letter. It has made things a lot more efficient.

Sian Lewellyn Medical Secretary, Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.

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