Epro’s COVID-19 support offering

Epro is standing with the NHS Trusts it supports, and offering three key services in support during COVID-19. Epro is offering its Alerts Module for free to all its NHS Trust clients to help identify and track COVID-19 patients. Epro is offering its Templates Module for half price for eight weeks. Epro is offering twenty four seven support.

Thank you. If you are reading this and you work for the NHS, we here at Epro want to thank you.
We know you are tired. We know you are working longer hours, with higher pressures, with intense scrutiny.
As a trusted partner of Trusts around the UK, we know how hard you are working in this COVID-19 world: from nurses to healthcare assistants, to laboratory scientists to consultants, orderlies to support staff.

All of us at Epro stand with you:
  • We’re giving all of our Trusts our Alerts Module for free
  • We’re discounting Templates by 50% for the next 8 weeks
  • We’re offering a 24/7 support package

We will be giving all of our Trusts our Alerts Module for free.

No small print, just a gift to you and your staff. We know it will make a difference, and we’ve even created a specific COVID-19 set of Alerts to keep your and your patients safe.
We should be able to get you set up within 3 working days. Speak to Adrian and we’ll start work.

Let Templates take some of the burden.

Our Templates module reduces administration time, in some cases by over 50%. We want every Trust to benefit from this clinical correspondence support. That’s why we’re offering a 50% discount for the next 8 weeks.
Let Adrian know if this would aid your clinicians and support staff, and we can get moving to set everything up.

We’re offering 24/7 support for our Trusts.

Epro is offering a 24/7 support package for P1 priority support for the next two months to ensure that no matter the time of day, we can keep you serving your patients.
Talk to Adrian about agreeing your 24/7 support package.

Supporting homeworking 

Some of your healthcare professionals and support staff will now be working from home, following social distancing guidelines. We’ll be speaking to you later this week or next week about how we can help users working from home to ensure the data they send to Epro systems is secure. If you’d like to schedule this chat around your other commitments, please let me know and we can get something in the diary.

How else can Epro help?

We are a collaborative organisation. If you have ideas about what is needed from your Electronic Patient Records, Digital Discharges, Digital Dictation, or more, we want to hear it.
Whether it is a COVID-19 request or a more general blocker to your process, we will work tirelessly, together, to help you help your patients.
If you want to talk in more detail about this or any other support we could offer you, please email Adrian at adrian@epro.com