Bob Gilkes

Chief Executive Officer

Bob oversees the strategic planning and corporate business development function at Epro. Bob's role is to anticipate and identify opportunities, and lead new investments and partnerships. Under his leadership Epro is experiencing rapid change and new success..

Dr Adam Towler

Product Owner

Adam formed Epro after experiencing first hand, the severe lack of flexible, intuitive, clinical software for managing patients and medicine and recording information during their stay in hospital. He provides Epro with a unique understanding of clinician audiences and technical limitations.

Adrian Aggett

Account Director

Adrian is our Account Director, our conduit to clients: maintaining client connections and understanding their needs to enhance our relationships. His experience includes almost a decade at Capita and founding his own data analytics business, giving him the edge to drive commercial engagement with key stakeholders within NHS Trusts. His expertise, and constant collaboration with all Epro teams, empowers us to provide wider solutions to healthcare around the country. Adrian is also the Manager/Volunteer at Milton Nomads Junior Football Club, a Taekwondo Black Belt, and proud Dad of two.

Dr Francesca Leithold

Head of Professional Services

Trampoline instructor, radiator installer, and kitchen plasterer: just a few of the skills that Francesca doesn’t use here at Epro. Her doctorate in organisational theory and distributed teams, however, is vital for her work delivering operational excellence to our clients and support team alike. She works closely with all departments to ensure effective customer solutions are delivered on time to the highest standard, and even delves into the code from time to time. Francesca chose to join Epro in 2014 and has stayed thanks to the ethics of the company and the small team dynamic. When not in the office, Francesca can be found enjoying one of three vices: the gym, snuggled up on the sofa with cats, or with a bottle of wine (and some friends too).

Dan Edom-Hodge

Support Manager

Dan started his career in Environmental Science, and took with him a love of data and insight into team dynamics that have taken him to the Kerry Group for over a decade and Renishaw as Analyst Programmer. As our Support Manager, Dan joined to manage and empower the Support team, responsible for the smooth everyday running of our Support offering. From prioritising actions to allocating resources, everything for Dan starts with the question, “How can we meet our customer’s needs?”

Emily Perkins

Chief Brand Officer

With a passion for creativity, the nitty-gritty of messaging and branding, and the opportunity to make tangible differences to the NHS, Emily is our Chief Brand Officer. She loves authentic stories which demand to be told, influencing through the written and spoken word, and engaging directly with people.

After swearing at a frighteningly young age to ‘live by her pen’, Emily gained a BA in History and English and an MA in Medieval Studies, both at the University of York (grab yourself a cup of tea before you ask her about medieval wills!). She’s worked around the world with different healthcare, deep tech, and not-for-profit companies, and joined Epro to start telling our story of supporting the NHS, one click at a time.

Sharon Allsop

Executive Assistant

Joining Epro in May 2019, Sharon’s wide-ranging responsibilities include office management, executive assistant to the CEO, and delivery of organisational effectiveness, efficiency, and safety. Sharon’s energy keeps the entire team fuelled, and she doesn’t mind wearing multiple hats to ensure the company’s success. Her experience in a wide range of administrative and executive skills makes her the perfect ‘Office Queen’ to support our growing diverse team.